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NAMM 2016: The New Mind-Blowing Fender Bassbreaker

Fender has always managed to innovate and amaze their fans, and this time, they've done it again with the new Bassbreaker series of amp heads, combos and extension cabinets. The various models are finished in a sober grey tweed but each is sure to grab your attention with its seemingly dual personality.

Smooth yet savage...

If this is your very first encounter with a Fender amp, then the 007 Head (which also comes as a combo) makes for a great introduction. According to the renowned manufacturer, the 007 is 'a bit of a monster', but still maintains an air of elegance and sophistication a certain British spy of the same codename is also known for. Despite its modest size, it can deliver 7 watts of pure tube sound (1x EL84 en 2x 12AX7). The treble boost is a particularly cool feature, as it allows you to play with extra gain and even richer harmonics, but how you mix the effects is completely up to you.

From left to right: the Bassbreaker 15, 007 and 45 Head.

The heirs to the throne

The complete Bassbreaker series is based on the 'granddad' of all Fender amps: the 1959 Bassman, but their sober, grey tweed finish make it clear: these amps are ready to show you their dark side. Take the Bassbreaker 15, for example. This model is available as both a Head and a Combo, and is equipped with two EL84s. It also has a unique structure knob which controls the amount of overdrive. If you prefer overdriving to the extreme, however, Fender has an offer you can't possibly refuse: the 45. Just like the others, the 45 is available as a Head and a Combo, and it features two 12-inch speakers and three inputs. You have the choice between Normal tone, Bright, or a mix of the two, and as Fender says, you'll be 'Nodding to the past while looking to the future.'

From left to right: the Bassbreaker 18/30, 15 and 45 Combo.

Switch between outputs

If you're looking for an all-in-one type of amplifier, then the Bassbreaker 18/30 is a great choice. It allows you to select either 30 watts for a warm, clean tone, or 18 watts for finding that edgy overdriven sound by increasing the volume. For even more power, place a BB-212 extension cabinet underneath and produce up to 140 watts of noise for a massive sound! This extension cabinet also works great in combination with the Bassbreaker 45s, while the BB-112 works best with the smaller series. A big advantage of these two extension cabinets is that they're lightweight, so you can easily make an impressive stack no matter where you're playing.

All Fender's Bassbreaker models have more to offer, so keep an eye on the product pages for more information, as well as delivery times and prices.

Bassbreaker BB-212 and BB-112 speaker extension cabinet

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.
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