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NAMM 2016: The New Sabian XSR Cymbals: Best In Class!

2016 has just begun, but Sabian has already announced a brand new line of cymbals: the XSR series. This successor to the Xs20 series features the exceptional qualities we know from the Evolution and X-plosion cymbals, applied to a much more affordable line. Sabian ensures us that they're absolutely best in class!


For this new line, Sabian took a close look at their production techniques and improved them where necessary. As such, the XSR cymbals have enhanced profiles, complete with a redesigned bell. Made of Sabian's special B20 bronze alloy, these cymbals are all carefully lathed and hammered, resulting in a series of cymbals with a beautifully bright sound. They're great for both beginners and advanced players, and suitable for virtually any style of music.


There are four different types of hi-hats to choose from: a 13" model, a 14" model, the 14" X-Celerator hats and 14" Rock hats. All four offer a crisp and articulate sound, but vary in size, weight and volume.


The fast crashes can be divided into four Fast Crashes, with 14, 16, 18, en 20"diameters, and two Rock Crashes with 16 en 18" diameters. Fast Crashes are quite thin and offer quick response, while the Rock Crashes are medium-heavy cymbals, which allow for more volume.


The XSR series also contains four ride cymbals, namely a 20" medium ride and a 21" medium ride, as well as the 20" Rock ride and the 22" Monarch ride. All four offer great stick definition and plenty of wash, while their enhanced design also allows for a powerful ping on the bell.

Effects cymbals

As some situations call for a certain effect to punch through the mix. Luckily, Sabian also included two trashy 10 and 12"splash cymbals, and an aggressive 18" china to complete your setup.

Cymbal sets

The folks at Sabian are all about making life easier for their customers, so they've assembled a few cymbal sets for you. The First Pack includes a pair of 14" hi-hats and a 16" crash, which is a great way to get started. Add in one more cymbal and you've got the Performance Set, which has the same 14" hats and 16" crash, and throws in a 20" ride. For a little more volume, you should check out the Rock Performance Set, with 14" Rock hi-hats, a 16" Rock Crash and a 20" Rock Ride. If you've already got your basic cymbal setup complete, but still need some cool effects, then be sure to check out the Effect Pack, which contains a 10" splash and an 18" china. Finally, if you want to purchase all your cymbals in one fell swoop, there's the comprehensive Complete Set. This contains a pair of 14" hi-hats, 16 and 18" crashes, a 20" ride, a 10" splash and an 18" ride.

Options galore

Clearly, Sabian has pulled out all the stops for their new XSR series. With all the available shapes and sizes, there's bound to be something for every drummer, and Sabian promises the pricing will be more than reasonable. At this time, price tags and delivery times are still under wraps, but be sure to keep an eye on the relevant product pages for information on those.


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