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NAMM 2016: Total Control with Ernie Ball Expression Pedals

Ernie Ball might be best known for producing high-quality strings, but they've got much more up their sleeve. They've released two expression pedals called Overdrive Expression and Ambient Delay to give you more control over your overdrive and delay effects, both wrapped in a sleek, shiny housing.

Striking gold

While the Expression Overdrive may seem like such an obvious idea, Ernie Ball is the first company to tackle it. The pedal allows you to smoothly transition from a clean signal to a crunchy rhythm sound, and all the way to a high-gain solo or riff. With its three controls, you can further adjust how much your sound will change: the drive knob determines the amount of overdrive, boost controls the volume boost the pedal gives you, and tone allows you to fine-tune the timbre to suit your style. What's more, it's got a gorgeous golden finish that makes it hard to miss!

Go back in time

The stringmaker's other expression pedal is called Ambient Delay, which is fairly self-explanatory. Besides controlling the volume with the level knob, you can also adjust the reverb with the feedback knob, and the amount of time between the note you play and the delay with the time knob. The cool thing about this pedal is that it allows you to change from 50 milliseconds to 750 milliseconds and back with your foot. Especially combined with a (separately available) tap tempo switch, that allows you to create beautiful soundscapes. Both pedals are powered by a 9V power supply and feature TS jack inputs and outputs

For more information about these shiny pedals, check out the relevant product pages. For more NAMM news, be sure to check out our NAMM news feed!

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