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NAMM 2016: Tube Amp Doctor Delivers Vintage Preamp Tubes

Tube Amp Doctor, or TAD for short, has two new additions to their impressive lineup of amplifier tubes: the 12AY7/6072A Highgrade and the 12AY7/6072A Selected preamp tubes. These preamp tubes offer less gain than the standard 12AX7 tubes that virtually every modern tube amp is equipped with. Instead, they offer a beautiful vintage tone.

Have you been looking for the sound of a vintage '50s amp, but never been able to find the right tone? Then be sure to try out the TAD 12AY7/6072A Highgrade preamp tubes. Replace your amp's preamp tubes with these TADs, and you'll notice that it won't distort as fast, while offering more headroom and that recognisable warm tone that classic amps used to give. The TAD 12AY7/6072A Highgrade does provide plenty of punch in the mid range and silky trebles with great definition, and reacts accurately to your playing.

TAD 12AY7 Selected

If you prefer a bit more tweed in your tone, Tube Amp Doctor's TAD 12AY7/6072A Selected preamp tubes will get you some splendid results. It's the same type of tube that Fender put in their tweed amps in the '50s. It too offers less gain, but more warmth, depth and headroom, just like the famous amps from over half a century ago.

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