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NAMM 2016: Two New Amplifiers and Controller by Line 6

Modelling brand Line 6 had some goodies to present at the NAMM show in Anaheim. First of all, they've presented the Firehawk 1500-watt amplifier, which has loads of sounds on board. They've also expanded their AMPLIFi range with an even smaller model, and so you can keep everything under control, they've also introduced the FBV 3 controller. In short, plenty for anyone to boost their sound!



A guitar amplifier combo with 1500 watts of power? It sounds too good to be true. Line 6 has made it happen, though, with the Firehawk 1500. A full-range speaker system with that much power allows you to hear every detail of your audio because of the multiple frequencies that are available. It also has DSP, which means you can create a ton of sounds with it, from amp models to effects to specially-designed presets, all of which can be amplified via the Firehawk, at home or on the stage.

A little less loud

Should you require something more suitable to living room concerts or home rehearsals, then the AMPLIFi 30 amplifier with Bluetooth might be more up your alley. The AMPLIFi range already included a 75 and a 150-watt amp. This lunch box model is equipped with 4 speakers which keep its size compact and its sound varied. Using the AMPLIFi remote app, you can access more than 200 legendary sounds. Because it has Bluetooth functionality, it can also act as a wireless speaker system to play your music at a party, for example,

Switching made easier

These are great amps, but any musician knows how tiresome it is to have to run back and forth to your amp to change the settings while playing. For that reason, Line 6 has updated their FVB 3 foot controller, which can now facilitate you completely in operating your Line 6 amp. This pedal has thirteen switches, each with a different function, a wah/volume pedal and a built-in tap tempo and tuner. Five of those switches can be colour-coded so you immediately see what you're doing and fully concentrate on your playing. Connecting this controller to your amp is a matter of simply plugging in a cable.

Has this stimulated your interested in Line 6 products? Have a look at the product pages for more information! For more NAMM news, check out our NAMM 2016 news feed!

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