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NAMM 2016: Two New Pedals by Digitech and DOD

Digitech and DOD are raising the bar with these two new pedals. Both possess unique characteristics that any guitarist will find irresistible! The Looking Glass by DOD is a rugged overdrive pedal with circuitry designed by the legendary, ultra-sensitive class A FET, featuring dual gain ranges and hybrid pre and post gain, bass and treble controls. Digitech's new pedal, the TRIO+ is the new-and-improved version of the TRIO pedal that was launched at NAMM last year. Essentially, it's a drummer and a bassist wrapped up in a single pedal, but slightly better and with more options than the previous version.


The DOD Looking Glass Overdrive

This pedal was developed in collaboration with SHOE pedals. The legendary Christopher Venter designed its circuitry. In order to reduce unwanted signals and buffers, this DOD pedal has been equipped with internal DIP switches. It's a powerful overdrive that will give your guitar a glassy boost. If you want even more, that's no problem - this pedal can also make your guitar create the most raw, psychedelic sounds.

The Digitech TRIO+ Band Creator and looper

Designing an effects pedal may seem simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. Digitech has employed their very best engineers to develop this pedal and the result is praiseworthy indeed. When you teach the TRIO+ your chord progressions, it simulates a drummer and a bassist to play along with you. You can choose out of 12 different genres and 12 different song styles per genre and create unlimited overdubs with the looper. The TRIO+ Band Creator features built-in guitar effects, Soft Click foot switch, a headphone output, volume knobs for bass and drums, a 9-volt power adapter, and much more.

Have we piqued your interest? Be sure to keep an eye on the product page below for more information!

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