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NAMM 2016: Valeton Expands the Loft Series and Issues a Multi-Effect

Valeton has expanded their Loft series with four modulation effects: the CH-10 Analog Chorus, the OC-10 Octave, the PH-10 Phaser and the FL-10 Flanger. That's not all, however; fans of analogue overdrive and preamps will be glad to hear about the new OD-10 Overdrive and the FP-10 preamp. Other new Valeton releases are the CS-10 Compressor, the AD-10 Analog Delay and the much sought-after TW-10 Touch Wah. Finally, for guitarists who are looking for a complete solution, the brand has issued the VES-1 Dapper multi-effect.

The Valeton Loft series: compact analogue powerhouses

Valeton's Loft series consists of various micro pedals that were inspired by classic Boss stomp boxes. For years, Valeton has designed circuitry for a number of important effect manufacturers. After a while, however, their development team chose to follow their own path, and started creating their own pedals under the brand name Valeton. Their love for the classic, analogue Boss sound inspired them to develop a series of clones, including the TW-10 (based on the TW-1 T Wah) and the PH-10 (modelled after the PH-1 Phaser by Boss). During the production process, due attention was paid to the electric schematics of the original Boss circuitry, and all of the pedals from the series feature a buffered bypass, which basically means signal loss between guitar and amp is reduced to a minimum. The effects' layout is quite simple, so they're easy to use. Thanks to their compact size, these analogue stomp boxes hardly take up any space on your pedal board.

VES-1 Dapper multi-effect: a range of effects at your feet

Besides their new Loft pedals, Valeton has also introduced the VES-1 Dapper Effect Strip, a new multi-effect that combines an overdrive, a distortion and a delay (with tap tempo). Its three channels all have their own equalizer, and can be activated simultaneously or independently. This Valeton multistomp also features a tuner, as well as an FX loop that allows you to plug in additional pedals, broadening your options even more!

If you'd like to know more about these guitar effects, be sure to check out the relevant product pages. For more NAMM news, have a look at our NAMM news feed!


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