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NAMM 2016: Yamaha Piaggero NP-32 and NP-12

Yamaha's majestic grand piano sounds amazing, but its samples are usually only found in large, cumbersome digital pianos. Yamaha is well-aware that there is a demand for simple products, and has released the Piaggero series to facilitate that need. This series includes four new models, the NP-32, NP-32WH, NP-12 and the NP-12WH.

Back to basics

The NP-32 has 76 keys, making it slightly bigger than the 61-key NP-12. The weight of either keyboard is insignificant, as both are light enough to pick up and set down easily. Schools and care facilities in particular would benefit from a portable keyboard like this, and the same goes for use at home, especially if space is an issue. But don't be mistaken - the sound is great! It also features a nice reverb, a recorder and iOS support, a bit more than you might've expected, perhaps.

The Piaggero series caters to a specific demographic that wants a high-quality, lightweight instrument. If you consider yourself part of that demographic, then all you need to do it choose the number of keys and the colour you want (black or white). It's as simple as that!


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