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NAMM 2016: Zoom Shows New G5

The guitar players among us might have heard of the Zoom G5. However, it seems that Zoom decided that this well-received Multi Effects Processor could do with a few tweaks and upgrades, and will be presenting the Zoom G5n at NAMM 2016 this week.

Zoom innovates with their G5n Multi Effects Processor

Easy-to-use multi effects pedal

The silver-coloured G5 features four multi-functional foot switches. While that saves quite a bit of space on the pedal itself, Zoom still decided to split those functions up on their black G5n. The traditional stompbox-style foot switches are now dedicated to a single task - activating and deactivating the effects - while the newly added bottom row of buttons are used for browsing through presets, using the tuner and setting the tempo (for delay effects, for instance). Don't worry, though, as it still boasts the same large amount of effects (68 of them), including overdrive, delay and modulation, as well as the (tube) amp simulations, a looper (now with 80 seconds), and many different drum rhythms (also 68).

Well-organised display

Another innovation in the G5n, is the screen at the top that shows a complete chain of effects, allowing you to use up to 9 effects simultaneously. Below that screen, you'll still find the four practical displays that allow you to adjust the individual stomp boxes using the corresponding dials and switches. Finally, on the right side you'll find the indispensable expression pedal that helps you control wah effects, for instance. It's even possible to connect an additional pedal like the separately available FP02m.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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