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Native Instruments Announces Komplete 11

We were all expecting the 11th version of the popular Komplete series. However, Native Instruments has been able to surprise us again with this huge selection of the most amazing virtual instruments that Komplete 11 has to offer.

Komplete 11 Select

The smallest of the bunch is the Select edition, which is an entry-level edition that contains smaller versions of certain plug-ins, like Kontakt Player instead of the regular Kontakt, for instance. This selection contains everything a starter might need, like Massive, with which you can create a surprisingly large amount of sounds.

Komplete 11

The regular or standard version of Komplete is, and has always been, the most popular one. There's a reason that Komplete has found its way into studios everywhere: this edition will give you an abundance of sounds and effects for a fantastic price!

Komplete 11 Ultimate

For those who want nothing but the best, and don't want to settle for anything less, Native Instruments have developed the Ultimate version of Komplete. As its name implies, it is the ultimate version of all that Komplete has to offer, with a humongous collection containing over a terabyte of samples, 87 components, and over 18.000 instruments. Komplete 11 Ultimate gives you all you could dream of and more!


We're expecting people to rave about the Komplete 11 series in the same way they did with its predecessors, since Komplete simply gives you all you need to produce the most amazing tracks. This latest series also features some new additions to the already large product collection, like Form, Flesh, and various samples for Kontakt. You'll also receive the latest versions of both Reaktor and Kontakt. Of course, it also contains all other plugins from the previous Komplete edition, like Massive, FM8, and Absynth, for example. To top it all off, there are several upgrades available, amongst others for those who own a Native Instruments S series master keyboard, or Machine. For more information, take a look at our product pages.

You'll just need a little patience, before the box containing your own Komplete 11 hits your door mat. While you can pre-order yours now, we're expecting the entire Komplete series to be available for shipping from the beginning of September 2016.

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