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Native Instruments Presents Maschine Jam!

The brand-new Maschine Jam by Native Instruments, gives the concept of sound sculpting an entirely new meaning. Not only does the Maschine Jam controller work intuitively, it also features a few tools to help you in your creative process.

Designed to capture ideas

Everything about the NI Maschine Jam is intuitive and allows for fast composing when you need to get your ideas down quick. The 64 click pad matrix keyboard shows you the sequence in a variety of colours, whether it's a chord progression or a group of notes or beats. In other words, grouping and categorising sounds ensures a faster, smoother workflow without allowing you to lose sight of the bigger picture. With the dual-touch Smart Strips, you can adjust and trim effect parameters with great precision. You can also add effects in real time in perform mode. The Maschine Jam works as a MIDI controller that drives the Maschine software in your DAW. Speaking of software, it comes with Komplete 11 Select, a selection of instruments and effects from the Komplete 11 package. The Maschine Jam is due to hit the shelves at the end of September!

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