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Native Instruments presents the Kontrol S5

Native Instruments introduces the Kontrol S5 . This console, modelled after the Kontrol S8, possesses many of the same displays, but is much more compact and affordable As far as class is concerned, it can be placed inbetween the S4 and the S8, offering a good combination of the best of both models.

Kontrol S5 explained

The Kontrol S5 is true colossus that is completely Stems-ready. The displays on either side perfectly show all the information relevent to your Remix Decks and Stems. Despite the fact that the Kontrol S5 doesn't have faders on board, (some things had to be scrapped to keep it compact), all Stem functions are easy to control. The S5 is less deep and bulky due to the absence of the faders, making combinations with the D2 not impossible, but possibly less practical.


Besides the various control elements on the top, there are also the necessary aspects located on the front and rear of this controller. There are two headphone inputs – both a mini and a 1/4” jack – on the front. On the rear, there's a USB port for connecting to a computer or laptop, as well as an input for an external power supply adapter and an on/off button.

Native Instruments has also included an AUX IN so that external media players, like a smartphone, can be plugged in, which admittedly isn't ideal for mixing, but nice for spontaneous requests. To the left of this is a 1/4” jack microphone input. You won't need to leave your MC at home and can even control the volume. Most dynamic mics will work fine with the Kontrol S5.

Master and booth outputs are separate. The master output consistsof balanced XLRs or stereo RCA, while the booth is fitted with 1/4” stereo jack plugs. Impossible to confuse. This way, a substantial PA or set of DJ monitors is simple to connect.

In conclusion

This console's format makes it the ideal companion for the DJ who wants to utilize their Traktor and Stems functionality, without having to lug around a cumbersome piece of equipment. You certainly won't lack options with its extensive connection possibilities. The Kontrol S5 is now available for pre-order and will be ready for delivery after October 1st. Order yours now to make sure you're the first on your block with the S8's little brother, the Kontrol S5!

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