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Native Instruments' Traktor Now Fully Supported by OS X El Capitan

Native Instruments has announced that Traktor and all related software and hardware are now fully supported by Apple's latest operating system, OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan. Please note, however, that the Traktor 2.10.0 installer is still dependent on the latest drivers. When you install Traktor 2.10.0, this means you'll have to download the latest drivers in order to get it to function properly. To do so, visit the NI Service Center, click 'Update' and then 'Show Details' in the 'Driver and Patch Downloads' section.

Concerned products

The following products qualify for the update:

Kontrol x1 (MK1), Kontrol S4 (MK1), Audio 2 DJ, Audio 4 DJ, Audio 8 DJ and Traktor Audio 2. All compatible El Capitan drivers carry the tag 'version 2.8.0.'

Make sure to check the compatibility status of each third-party product that functions with Traktor before transitioning to El Capitan, however, as some manufacturers/suppliers haven't solved their El Capitan compatibility issues just yet.

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