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Nature by Manuel Rodriguez: Durable Quality

The new Nature series by Manual Rodriguez is the result of a passion for high-quality acoustic instruments and the increasing desire to minimise the effect of our ecological footprint on the world.

Working towards a sustainable future

Manuel Rodriguez has initiated the change he wants to see in the world by taking steps to remodel his 6,500 square-metre factory in Esquivias, Toledo. Besides the alteration of the work stations, he will also be making use of more sustainable materials like FSC certified wood and recycled materials. The use of things like varnish and chemicals will be reduced to an absolute minimum, which helps the environment and provides the instruments with a more open tone as well. With the addition of energy generated by solar panels, the factory now runs a lot more efficiently as well.

High-quality wood types

An environmentally-friendly production process doesn't mean a compensation in quality; quite the opposite, in fact! Just like any other Manuel Rodriguez product, the guitars in the Nature series are manufactured in Spain, the land where making and playing the classical guitar are activities that are held in high regard. Manuel Rodriguez is name that's synonymous with the art of guitar building due to its combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern values. The Nature series by MR is comprised of instruments made from excellent wood types, from Indian rosewood to Canadian cedar.

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