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Nektar Presents Impact GX49 and GX61 USB Keyboards

If you're looking for a durable USB/MIDI keyboard these days, you'll have plenty of choice. And while Nektar has only added even more options with their new Impact models, they also made choosing the right one a little easier.

Total solution for up-and-coming producers

There are two models available: the Impact GX49 and the Impact GX61. The new Impact GX is the successor of the popular Impact iX, and has more buttons. With these buttons, you can control far more elements of your DAW than you could with the iX, meaning it's a great upgrade! The Impact GX is powered via USB and works with all MIDI Class Compliant USB devices. Of course, it's compatible with Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux, and you can even use it on your iPad! You will need the USB Camera Kit to get it to work on the latter, though, but that does allow you to produce tracks on the go.


The Bitwig 8-Track is included at no additional charge. It's the entry-level version of Bitwig Studio, which is slimmed down a little from the full release, of course, but still offers plenty of great possibilities. Beginners, especially, will appreciate the streamlined interface and functionality. With this pack, you can get start producing your own music at a very reasonable price—all you'll need is a decent computer. It makes a great gift to any budding producer, and will surely have an impact on their lives.

Suffice it to say that we hope you'll enjoy working with Bitwig if you invest in one of the new Impact models. Of course, when you feel you've outgrown the 8-Track version of Bitwig, you can always upgrade to the full Bitwig Studio software. We expect that these brand-new keyboards will be available towards the end of May.

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