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Neumann Presents the KH 805 Active Studio Subwoofer

Neumann understands the smallest details when it comes to sound vibrations. Their microphones are lauded by studio engineers and their studio monitors offer the same high quality. For extra depth in your mix you should take a look at the KH 805, a sizeable subwoofer with a substantial bottom end.

The KH 805's size should not come as a surprise when you learn that it has to generate enough power for frequencies as low as 18 Hz to be heard. This sort of range is absolutely perfect if you're mixing and/or mastering full-range genres such as EDM and film music. If one subwoofer is not enough, it's possible to loop two or more together using the daisy-chain functionality. You may feel that the sound needs a little bit of tweaking now and then to compensate for the acoustics of the room you're listening in, for instance. If so, you will find a number of controls on the back for making adjustments.

Potential partners

The KH 805 is the perfect partner for the Neumann KH 120A (nearfield) and the KH 310A (midfield) monitors. A set with 2x KH120A + 1x KH 805 would be the perfect combination for small project studios. This setup allows you to hear everything you need and want to. A set with 2x KH 310A (left and right model) + 1x KH 805 would be better for bigger studios, not least because of the price tag. With this setup, however, you would have a top-quality, state-of-the-art system for mixing and mastering.

These days studio monitors are among the most expensive pieces of equipment that project studios have to buy. Thankfully, once you have them you should be able to use them for years to come, especially if you buy a set of real quality. The KH 805 and the setups mentioned above will certainly not let you down.


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