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Never change a winning team: the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Controller

Almost three years ago, Pioneer launched their Serato flagship model, the DDJ-SZ at NAMM 2014. Because this brand likes to stay up-to-date, they are releasing a new successor, the DDJ-SZ2. You shouldn't expect any huge changes, but you can expect some very handy extra features like Pitch ‘n Time integration and Flip by Serato. With this new DDJ-SZ2 controller, these two leading brands prove once again that you should never change a winning team.

Better than ever

Pioneer has always been on the cutting edge of modern technological advances and innovation. The DDJ-SZ2 is a perfect example of this, as it makes mixing easier than ever, especially in combination with the full version of Serato DJ. Now, with the addition of Pitch ‘n Time, you can easily adjust the key for a seamless flow from one track to the next. Using Flip, you can record short samples and recall them in a flash. There are also four new oscillating effects.

The same field

From a visual point of view, the DDJ-SZ2 hasn't really changed at all compared to the original SZ. The fader caps and search button of this 4-channel DJ controller have been given a striking silver colour so you'll have no trouble finding the controls you need in the dark. Other than that, it's the standard design with two large platters, a small display, eight performance pads per deck, three effects parameters, a 3-band EQ, and two effects sections (Sound Colour FX and oscillators). You've also got a MagVel crossfader at your disposal. When it comes to connection options, you can really go old-school with RCA inputs for your CD players or turntables. It also has two USB ports, two mic inputs and enough speaker outputs.

Check out the product page for more information, delivery times and pricing. What's more, if you buy one of the first 3,000 DDJ-SZ2 controllers, you could get of a free voucher for the Serato Video expansion package!

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