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New American Audio VPS Mics and WU-419V Wireless Set

The DJM 58 microphone by American Audio is being joined by three new vocal microphones and a fully-fledged wireless mic set! The brand is releasing a new VPS line and their WU-419V set comes with no fewer than four microphones!

Three new vocal mics

The new VPS line consists of three dynamic vocal microphones that are chock-full of extra features. The most affordable of the series is the VPS-20. This mic has an on/off switch and comes with a mic clip as well as an XLR - jack cable. The next mic up is the VPS-60, which doesn't have a switch, but does offer a wider frequency range and a supercardioid directional characteristic. It also comes with a clip, but also an XLR - XLR cable and a protective pouch. At the top of the heap, there's the VPS-80, which has a suspended capsule inside a robust housing which keeps unwanted contact noises to an absolute minimum. Just like the VPS-60, the VPS-80 also comes with a clip, an XLR - XLR cable, and a protective pouch.

Four times wireless

With the WU-419V, American Audio sets its sights on the world of wireless microphone systems with a unique product. The WU-419V set consists of four mics with a 4-way receiver in a 19-inch rack that measures 1U. Each mic has its own volume control and output.

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