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New! Andy Timmons Signature Compressor by Carl Martin

Guitarist Andy Timmons is one of the most beloved session musicians on earth. One of the secrets of his success was a Carl Martin compressor/limiter. Now, he has developed his very own Andy Timmons Signature compressor that has the same studio-quality compression, but is a lot more versatile, all wrapped up in a compact housing.

Why do things the hard way?

Whichever genre Andy Timmons was hired to play, his Carl Martin compressor/limiter never left his pedal board; in fact, he often used two of them, each in a different setting. Andy must've been determined to find a better way to do this when he headed to Denmark to collaborate with the designers at Carl Martin. The result of that collaboration is the new Carl Martin Andy Timmons signature compressor/limiter with the same studio-quality as the original, but designed for more practical purposes. First of all, you can now set up two presets, which saves a lot of room on your pedal board. You can also power the pedal using a standard 9-volt adapter. An extra foot switch makes it possible to control the pedal from a distance.

Keep an eye on the relevant product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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