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New at Bax-shop: Catalinbread effects pedals

Catalinbread are a small team of experts with a passion for music. They are inspired by legendary effects pedals and guitar amps, and aim to add a large dose of functionality on top. The result is a broad range of top quality guitar effects that are handmade in America.

Top quality effects pedals

Whichever sound you are looking for, chances are that Catalinbread can help you find it. The reverb and delay pedals vary from a classic '50s spring reverb to a Gilmour-style drum echo. And speaking of guitar legends, the boost and overdrive pedals include special models that can help you recreate the sounds of Tony Lommi, Brian May, and Jimmy Page! Even fans of Jimi Hendrix can indulge themselves with a Catalinbread Fuzz. Whether you are looking for a subtle or an extreme modulation effect to perfect your sound, you can rest assured that all of Catalinbread's effects pedals are top quality products created by and for sound freaks.

Mechanisms of Music

At Catalinbread, dynamics have a high priority. You'll notice that these effects pedals respond perfectly to your touch, and using the volume and tone controls on your guitar will give you an even greater range of sounds from these top-quality guitar effects. The pedals themselves also have a wide variety of options, of course. Products from Catalinbread are not just tools as such, they will actually form an integral part of your sound. Don't be afraid to combine pedals and experiment with different settings to find just that sound you've been searching for. Thanks to Catalinbread, just looking for that ultimate sound is now even more enjoyable!

Keep a close eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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