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New at Bax-shop: Kala Ukuleles, Guitars and Accessories

The ukulele has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity, and with the Kala brand, we've got another great addition to our already impressive ukulele assortment. Kala offers ukuleles in all price ranges, suitable for beginners and pros alike. They do more than just ukuleles, too, as they also have various accessories like the Charcoal cases, as well as a number of compact guitars like the Kala Parlor.

Meet Kala:

The Kala Brand Music Company was founded in 2005 by American Mike Upton. It manufactures hand-crafted ukuleles, U-basses and guitars in their facility in Petaluma, California. The Elite series put the Kala name on the map worldwide, followed by their ukulele basses in 2007. Over time, the company greatly expanded its assortment, meaning there's a Kala instrument to match any budget.

Something for everyone:

Gorgeous ukuleles like the Ziricote models are great examples of the craftsmanship of Kala's ukuleles. If you want an affordable way to get acquainted with this bright little instrument, there's the Kala MK-SN soprano ukulele. If you're out and about a lot, you'll definitely appreciate the Makala Waterman models. These are made of polycarbonate and are much less vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity. Finally, at the top of the range, we find the luxury Kala Jazz ukulele.

Accessories and compact guitars

The upper range models come with their own durable gig bag. If you need more protection, however, there are also the Kala Charcoal cases for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele. You can also count on Kala to offer some great uke strings. They even cater to guitarists who just can't get used to the different ukulele tunings, as they can go nuts on the Kala Parlor and the mahogany guitalele. In short, they've got something for everyone, and this was just the tip of the iceberg. Besides the new products we mentioned here, there's a lot more Kala goodness coming this way in the near future!

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