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New at Bax-shop: the Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Honor Green

After the natural and 12-string editions of the Hellcat, Fender must have thought it was time for a special limited edition of Tim Armstrong's signature steel-string acoustic guitar. To celebrate the release of Rancid's latest album '...Honor Is All We Know' - their eighth already - Fender decided to issue a special electro-acoustic signature model. Do you like to play acoustic rock, punk or ska music? In that case, this unique Hellcat Honor Green might just make your mouth water and your fingers tingle.

A steel-string guitar for punk, ska and rock.

This Hellcat's pleasantly warm acoustic guitar sound is transparently amplified by an Isys III preamplifier from the renowned Fishman company. Are you a punk, ska or rock fan who's looking for an exceptional steel-string guitar? Don't miss out on your chance to lay your hands on one of these Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Honor Green electro-acoustic guitars, for only a limited number will be available.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on shipping and pricing.

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