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New at Bax: Snark picks

The innovative Snark tuners have already become a mainstay in the guitar industry. While Snark picks aren't quite there yet, we're sure that's just a matter of time. They're clearly going off to a great start, releasing two types of guitar picks right off the bat: the Sigmund Freud's Celluloids and Teddy's Neo Tortoise picks. There's something for everyone, as both types come in four different sizes.

It's complex

Snark has done a deep psychoanalytical analysis on the relation between guitarist and pick. Of course, this small piece of plastic plays an important role in developing your guitar sound. Whether consciously or not, it is the catalyst through which many guitarists vent their frustrations and traumas, channelling them into their instrument. If you choose the wrong pick, clearly that can have disastrous consequences for your further psychosocial development. To emphasise the complexity of the interaction between guitarist and guitar pick, Snark named these picks after famous father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. We're sure the fact that Freud rhymes with 'celluloid' is sheer coincidence! Each set includes 12 picks that are laser cut, polished for 30 hours and available in four different sizes, ranging from 0.5 mm (SP50C, Thin) to 1.0 mm (SP100C, Heavy).

Are you ready for Teddy?

There's another new candidate in your search for the perfect pick, in the shape of the Snark Teddy's Neo Tortoise picks, named after former US president Teddy Roosevelt. They were designed to closely emulate the properties of the classic tortoise picks of the past. As you may know, the original tortoise picks were actually made of the shells of unfortunate tortoises, a practice which has clearly been outlawed for many years now. However, Snark managed to create synthetic picks that come very close to emulating the sound and feel of tortoise picks. They're laser-cut and polished for 30 hours to give them as smooth a surface as possible. They come in sizes varying from 0.64 mm (SP64NT, Thin) to 1.07 mm (SP107NT, Heavy).

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.
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