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New Batch of Japanese Fenders!

Japanese Fender guitars can be pretty hard to get a hold of here in the West, but we're happy to announce that we can offer eight new models.

Fender Japan: incredibly high quality, but for a friendly price

Real Fenders are usually made in the USA, but Japanese Fenders can do everything that their Western brothers and sisters can. We're talking about high-quality guitars that are surprisingly affordable. With eight new models, there's something for everyone. There's the transparent red Fender Japan Richie Kotzen Stratocaster Transparent Red Burst MN for Richie Kotzen (from Winery Dogs) fans. Fender also likes to stir things up every few years with an Aerodyne guitar, and if you missed the Aerodyne boat last time, now you can catch the Fender Japan Aerodyne Strat Black RW.

Vintage party

Righties and lefties alike can get their vintage on. There are three right-handed Classic 60s, including the Fender Japan Classic 60s Strat Ocean Turquoise Metallic RW. There are also three Classic models for left-handed guitarists, including the Fender Japan Classic 70s Tele Thinline Left Hand Natural MN. Check out the links below for a complete overview of related products.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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