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New Beats Pill+: Sleek, Sophisticated and Sounding Great

Thanks to the Apple takeover, all Beats by Dre products got sent back to the drawing board, including the portable Pill speaker. It's been given a generous serving of Apple sauce, and re-emerged as the much sleeker looking Pill+! Apple also chose to get rid of all the 'funny' colours, leaving only black and white. As such, the focus is placed more on the Pill's sound, which is also greatly improved.

Two for two

Just like the previous generation, the Beats by Dre Pill+ is a portable pocket speaker with two tweeters and two woofers. What's new, however, is that each pair now comes with its own little amplifier, meaning the Pill+ has an improved frequency range and produces a much more vibrant, realistic and open sound. If you want a true stereo experience, you can link up two Pills using Bluetooth!

Beats Pill+: ultimate user-friendliness

As we mentioned before, the Pill+ looks a lot sleeker than its predecessor - while its overall shape is similar, it's a little less round. Because the back is not entirely closed off, the sound can also escape through there. The band that separates the front and back has only a few buttons on it: the on/off button on the left, the volume buttons on the right and the prominent Beats button in between, which activates Bluetooth and controls the rest of the Pill+. What's equally important to the manufacturer, however, is the special Beats Pill app that allows you to control the speaker remotely.

For more information on pricing and shipping for the Beats Pill+, check out the relevant product pages!

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