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New Brand at Bax Music: HEDD

HEDD, more formally known as Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs, is a new name here at Bax Music. Established just last year, they already have some interesting products on the market, including these Type 05 and Type 07 studio monitors.

Klaus Heinz

The co-founder of HEDD is none other than Klaus Heinz, who has been responsible for setting up several other renowned companies, including Adam Audio. You probably won't be surprised to read that Klaus Heinz is German or that HEDD products are typical examples of German efficiency, reliability and design. The Type speakers are manufactured in Berlin.

The Type series

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you're looking at a speaker made by Adam based on the images. There's certainly something familiar about the design. After that, you're likely to notice the Air Motion Transformer (something Karl Heinz helped to develop) where you'd normally find a traditional tweeter. The AMT is capable of producing much higher frequencies with greater detail and accuracy than a tweeter can. For a sound engineer, mixer or producer, this can be invaluable.

HEDD Bridge

The monitors feature XLR and RCA connectors as standard. While this is probably sufficient for most people, those with a hyper-modern studio may prefer something different. To that end, the HEDD Bridge can be connected to the monitors and offers a range of different connection options. There are currently five different HEDD Bridge's available offering connection possibilities that include Dante, USB and wireless.

Such innovative products will always be welcome here at Bax Music. Perhaps the HEDD studio monitors will be welcome in your music studio soon too?

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