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New Brand at Bax Music: Heil Sound

Here at Bax Music, we're always keeping an eye open for brands and products we don't already stock so that our customers have the best choice. Heil Sound is a new name at Bax Music.

Heil Sound

It may sound German, but Heil Sound (founded by Bob Heil in 1966) is actually an American company with a great reputation. They've achieved this status by listening to their customers and offering high-quality products at an affordable price.

Dynamic microphones

To start with, we've added a number of dynamic microphones by Heil to our range, including some with large diaphragms, which is a combination you don't see very often. The PR30 and PR40 are ideal mics for placing in front of a guitar cabinet. Dynamic microphones are typically used for vocals and Heil Sound's mics perform very well in this regard. In fact, they perform better than much of the competition. In terms of price, they are positioned at the lower end of the mid segment, which considering their quality makes them fantastic value for money.

When it comes to microphones for live use on stage, we have an extensive selection of great products. If you're looking for a good-quality vocal microphone, for example, then you should definitely consider the mics by Heil Sound.

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