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New Brand at Bax Music: LG

The brand LG are experts in practical electronics. They specialise in projectors, and that's what we'll be focusing on here. Bax Music has added a selection of LG products to our assortment, which gives you another great option on top of our abundant line of projector brands. We strive to offer you more choice so you can find the product that's right for you!

LG projectors: welcome to the future

To kick off our collaboration with LG, we've added six of their top-notch projectors to our assortment in varying price ranges. The photo above shows the most compact version, the PV150G. It may be small, but what it has to offer is sufficient for most people. As the projectors increase in size, so do their native resolutions. Each of these models houses an LED lamp that offers an impressive 30,000 hours of reliable service. That means if you used this projector eight hours a day, every day, it would function for about ten years! These LG projectors have a variety of handy features; some are battery-operated, some offer Bluetooth functionality, some have an ultra-high contrast ratio.

Browse our new LG products today; there's something for everyone!

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