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New Brand at Bax Music: RockNRoller

Here at Bax Music, we're always on the lookout for interesting brands to add to our wide range of products. Our latest find is RockNRoller, a brand that literally makes it easier to rock and roll!

Rock 'n roll roadies

Lugging heavy gear around is a hassle. Nonetheless, everything from drum kits and PA speakers to flight cases full of equipment all have to get from the bus to the stage and back again! Because not everyone has their own personal roadie on hand, a rugged utility cart that can fold up small is ideal. Enter, RockNRoller! This manufacturer makes carts that can get heavy loads from A to B. We've got ten different models with handy features like collapsible handles and a retractable base, that can hold equipment of all different shapes and sizes.

If you want to save your back, prevent injury, and save time, try the RockNRoller!

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