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New Brand at Bax-shop: KLANG:technologies

As of today, KLANG:technologies has been added to our ever-growing list of brands. This German company has taken its rightful spot in our warehouse with three very special products: the fabrik, the vier and the quelle. What kinds of products are these? In a word: high-end!

Surrounded by sound

Let's start with the KLANG:fabrik and the KLANG:vier, both of which are exceptional monitoring systems. If you play in a band on stage, chances are you prefer using in-ear monitors to stage monitors. chances are, you work with in-ear monitors. A good monitoring system allows you to customise your own personal mix, which is nothing new so far. However, when you use noise-isolating in-ear headphones, you tend to lose touch with your surroundings. Sure, you'll hear a nice stereo mix, but you'll also want to be able to localise the other members of the band and as if you weren't wearing in-ears. That's where the KLANG:fabrik and the KLANG:vier come in. These devices are capable of applying a binaural effect to all input sources, which means you can virtually place your band members beside or behind you. The illusion works! Once you've tried it, switching from 3D back to stereo is like going from stereo to mono!


This product is smaller, but by no means less interesting than the other two. This headphone amp allows you to plug in four sets of headphones (using a jack connector) and has a separate volume and three gain positions per input. When it comes to top components, KLANG isn't stingy with high-quality 24-bit 192 kHz converters! It's the back of this unit, however, in particular that deserves particular attention - the signal comes in via Dante! As such, Tthis compact unit is essential for any high-end studio and makes a perfect team mate for the KLANG:fabrik.

We can't wait to hear more from this German brand! These professional, high-end products are in stock now!

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