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New Brand at Bax-shop: Sonarworks

Here at Bax-shop, we want to offer you as wide a selection of products as possible! That's why we're proud to present Sonarworks, a new addition to the Bax family that we just can't wait to introduce to all you studio buffs out there!

Sonarworks Reference 3

To kick things off, we're carrying five Reference 3 products by Sonarworks. This is speaker calibration software designed to deliver accurate, transparent sound from your studio monitors. By using your own measurement microphone, or the included one in some versions, you record your studio monitors with the assistance of the Reference 3 software. The entire process takes about 15 minutes. Then, the software analyses this data and creates a type of compensation that you can add to your mix. The end result is a more transparent, natural sound. The reference 3 software can also emulate the sound of other studio monitors, a technology that's also available in the Suite version, which simulates the sound of other headphones.

Calibration is the magic word for these Reference 3 products. Sonarworks offers three affordable, high-quality solutions for your studio monitor sound, now at Bax!

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