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New by BOSS: Katana Amplifiers and GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor

Guitarists weren't forgotten during Roland's recent 909 day, when the BOSS division of the company announced four Katana amplifiers and the GT-1 guitar effects processor.


The Katana is a traditional Japanese samurai sword. BOSS have used the name on a series of four new amplifiers that reflect the same qualities of honour, precision and creativity as their namesake. The range includes three combo amplifiers, the KTN-50, the KTN-100, and the KTN-100/212, as well as one amp head, the KTN-HEAD that, unusually, has a built-in speaker. These attractively-priced, versatile amps are as suitable for practising at home as they are for using in the studio or even on stage. The Katana series is closely linked with BOSS' Waza amplifier series, so you can count on a top-quality selection of convincing sounds and a number of versatile effects for a sound that is as sharp as a sword.

Comprehensive effects

The BOSS GT-1's futuristic appearance only hints at its range of possibilities. This extremely compact yet surprisingly affordable guitar effects processor features amp modelling as well as a comprehensive effects section that includes overdrive, chorus, delay and an acoustic simulator. It also has a built-in tuner and a loop function, giving you all you need in one tidy package. With the BOSS GT-1 guitar effects processor, you'll have serious box of tricks at your disposal.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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