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New Custom Color Monogrammed Guitar Straps From Fender

The original Custom Color guitar straps by Fender are almost as legendary as their guitars. Now, they're offering their classic monogrammed strap in four refreshing colours.

Decisions, decisions

The new Custom Color Monogrammed straps feature the Fender logo, the iconic Stratocaster headstock and come in four authentic colours. There are two blue versions, the darker Lake Placid Blue or the lighter Daphne Blue. There's also one in Candy Apple Red, while the other is a lovely Sea Foam Green. Now, the only thing to do is decide which colour you'd like!

Must-have accessory

A guitar strap is one of those accessories guitarists can't really do without. A good strap ensures optimal playing comfort. It's also important that the end pieces are good-quality. You wouldn't want your precious instrument to get damaged, after all. That's why these straps have ends made of reinforced leather. The metal hardware also gives you the possibility to adjust the strap between 80 and 147 cm ensuring the perfect length for any guitarist.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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