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New Devine Cables at Bax Music!

Devine presents a new line of cables as well as some new additions to the existing series. With the new MUL series, they introduce a variety of multicables that are ideal for use in the studio as well as live, specifically when the same type of signal transfer is required. Save time and effort with any of these practical multicables, or try one of the new models!

Devine MUL series

The Devine MUL series consists of various types of cables that are mostly 5 metres long. That makes them ideal for line signals from a mixer to a multitrack recorder for instance, or a mic signal from a wireless system to a PA mixer. When it comes to 7.1 audio setups, which involve multiple audio signals that need to be sent over a relatively short distance, Devine MUL cables are the logical choice.

All MUL cables are equipped with high-quality connectors and cable coding in the form of a transparent shrink sleeve that won't fade, no matter how often you use it. Organise inputs and outputs with ease and if you should encounter an audio issue, you'll have no trouble locating the problem!

The MUL series features 3-pin XLR, die-cast TRS and TS jacks, die-cast RCA and even D-SUB 25 connectors. Devine offers just about every combination you can imagine, for any situation.

Devine INS series

Devine also presents the INS series, a selection of instrument cables in 3, 5.5 and 9 metres, designed for connecting a wide variety of instruments including guitars, synths, keyboards and even acoustic instruments with built-in preamps. Each cable features a braided polypropylene sheathing in black with white accents.

As far as connectors are concerned, Devine has gone for metal TS jacks that are straight on one end and right-angled on the other. The pull relief is located on the end of the connector by means of a metal clamp which is attached securely to the sheathing so even a strong jerk of the cable won't cause it to come loose.

Additions to the SND and SNC series

Devine has added three new products to their existing SND and SNC series. One is the SND-10-8-0 stage snake. It features eight mic inputs, which is ideal when amplifying a drum kit, for instance.

The other two products are the SNC-10-10-0 and the SNC-10-8-0. These are two break-outs that can easily be used on stages due to their compact size and height. At 10 metres long, these snake cables are definitely compact, but also practical, especially for drums. They're also handy if you want to connect a range of wireless microphones and to a PA mixer at a live show or rehearsal. With a choice of either 10 or 8 inputs, Devine has you covered!

Naturally, all SND and SNC products are equipped with coded cable shrink sleeves so you can easily identify the connectors on either side and locate problems quickly when troubleshooting.

You''ll find more information and specifications on the relevant product pages.

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