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New Editions to the Allen & Heath Mini Series

Allen & Heath have added some new editions to their ZED series this week with three new mini models. The ZED-6, ZED6-FX and the ZEDi-8 are essentially the same, but each has its own speciality. These mixers are top-quality, as we've come to expect from Allen & Heath, combined with tasteful and accessible design.

Basic model

The ZED-6 is the basic model, and stands out in its simplicity. This mixer gives musicians exactly what they need without a lot of extra features that often make mixing more complex than necessary. First of all, we find two multifunctional mono channels. They're multifunctional because they accept both microphone and line signals, as well as a guitar input, for example, without the need for a DI box. What's more, this mixer has two XLR outputs and two stereo channels with a 2-band tone control per channel. You can even listen to your own selection of channels via the headphones output. Sorted!

Effects and interface

While many musicians, like singer-songwriters, will love the ZED-6's simple layout, some will require a few more effects here and there. That's why Allen & Heath have also come up with the ZED6-FX, which features a high-quality digital effects section. Adjust the effect with the corresponding knob and customise the signal mix per channel between dry and effects. Another feature is the FX/mute input for connecting a floor monitor, external devices or an optional foot pedal for turning the effects processor on or off. Finally, the ZEDi-8 is for those who want to record a live performance on a PC, Mac, or an iOS device, or who want to use the mixer in their home studio. The ZEDi-8 is based on the ZED-6, but has the added benefit of an integrated USB interface. It allows you to record a complete stereo mix, or separately on channels 1 and 2. This means the ZEDi-8 essentially functions as a typical external audio interface!


These three mixers aren't only robust, they're also equipped with a pair of high-quality microphone preamplifiers. This results in a warm, deep sound with enormous headroom and remarkably low noise. We've only come across preamps like these in the professional GS-R24 studio mixer.

Keep a close eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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