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New ESP LTD signature guitars for 2016

It's only September, but ESP LTD is already busy developing new models for 2016. Alan Ashby (Of Mice & Men) and Ted Aguilar (Death Angel) fans can start saving their money now, because these promise to be two amazing axes!

AA-600: Alan Ashby Signature

Alan Ashby is all about simplicity. As a rhythm guitarist, he requires very little to produce a wall of sound. His ESP LTD AA-600 is fitted with one EMG 81 in the bridge position, one volume knob and a tune-o-matic bridge on a LTD TE style body. It looks like this guitar will have a 24-fret ebony neck, and its no-nonsense design is accentuated by its matte black finish. Just plug it in and play!

Ted Aguilar Eclipse Signature

Last July, Death Angel performed at the Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Ted Aguilar was said to have mingled with the audience earlier that day, which shows how much he appreciates his fans. After twenty years of hard-work performing in Death Angel, the Bay Area thrash guitarist has certainly earned his own signature model. His almost completely white ESP Eclipse comes in an affordable LTD EC version with two active EMG humbuckers. "The dream calls for blood", but fortunately we only have to wait a couple months for this dream guitar to hit the shelves.

All specifications are of course subject to change, but knowing ESP LTD, the end result will not be disappointing.
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