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New Fresh 'n Rebel Bluetooth Speakers at Bax Music!

Just as their name suggests, the brand Fresh ‘n Rebel is ultra fresh and rebellious! They make stylish, modern accessories and we're happy to announce we will be carrying their products. From now on, you can buy their hip Bluetooth speakers right here at Bax Music!

Fresh ‘n Rebel: compact, stylish, and awesome sound

The Fresh ‘n Rebel speakers are designed to be portable so you can share your favourite music with your friends, no matter where you are. The product range consists of speakers in various sizes, the smallest are the Rockbox Cube and Round. The Cube is a box-shaped speaker that delivers 3 watts of power, and is so compact, it'll easily fit in your bag. On a full battery, it can function for up to eight hours. The Round is just as portable and delivers 5 watts of power. Both are perfect if you want to play music while you're out and about!

Rockbox Brick, Fold and Chunk: speaker and powerbank

Get the party started right with the Rockbox Brick, which has two speakers on board and a broad frequency response. What's unique about this model, and the Rockbox Fold as well, is the powerbank option. On the rear of both portable speakers, you'll find an output to charge a USB device such as a smartphone. What's more, the Fold boasts 20 hours of functionality on a full battery! This also goes for the largest speaker in the series, the Rockbox Chunk. Another unique thing about the Rockbox is the fact that it has DSP technology for an impressive sound at any volume level.

Fabriq Edition: retro looks, modern functions

All of the above-mentioned Bluetooth speakers are part of Fresh 'n Rebel's Fabriq Edition. They feature a woven speaker cloth and sport a retro look. Any of these speakers will match any decor. The backlit display on top of the Rockbox enables you to skip tracks, adjust the volume level and pair your smartphone. With a stylish Fresh 'n Rebel wireless speaker, you can make all your special moments unforgettable by adding your favourite music!

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