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New from Cymatic Audio: uTrack-X32, uTrack24 Madi Module, uRemote and uTool!

Cymatic Audio is extending their product range considerably. Besides the popular uTrack24, LP-16 and LR-16, they now offer two new Expansion Card Modules. The uTrack24 Madi Module was specifically designed for - you guessed it - the uTrack24. The uTrack-X32, on the other hand, was developed for the familiar Behringer X32 and the Midas M32 consoles.


If you thought there's nothing your X32 or M32 digital mixer can't do, you're mistaken. It's not possible, for instance, to simultaneously record or play back 32 individual channels in 48kHz/24-bit quality. Unless you use the uTrack-X32, that is! This expansion card even doubles as a USB interface, so you can easily connect a laptop or a PC to your console, although that's not even strictly necessary to record sound. All you need to do for that is simply plug a USB hard drive or flash drive, and press REC. The uTrack-X32 will keep recording until the USB storage device is full. You can even play back these recordings over 24 separate channels. They'll come in handy during your next sound check, for instance, especially if some of your band members tend to turn up late...

uTrack24 Madi Module

The uTrack24 stands for quality and flexibility, and offers a wide range of features to make high-grade multi-track recordings. To make the uTrack24 even more versatile, Cymatic Audio developed the Madi Module, so you can also use the various possibilities Madi has to offer. The Madi Module provides you with a number of new options that are particularly practical for professional applications and larger stages. Thanks to Madi's flexible routing and the possibility of using exceptionally long cables without signal loss, you'll have a unique setup at your fingertips.

uRemote and uTool

In addition to the uTrack-X32 and the uTrack24 Madi Module, Cymatic Audio is releasing two new software products, which can be downloaded for free! These aren't flimsy handouts, either. The uRemote is a full-blown controller that allows you to operate all the functions of the uTrack24 and uTrack-X32 from a distance, using your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. The uTool can be used with other Cymatic Audio products, such as the LP-16 and the LR-16, and enables you to record, play back and edit audio without any trouble. In other words, Cymatic Audio puts you in total control!

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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