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New Gear by Pioneer: DDJ-SR2 & DJM-S3 Serato!

It goes without saying that Pioneer is giving Rekordbox their full attention, but they clearly couldn't wait to announce their brand-new DDJ-SR2 DJ controller and DJM-S3 mixer to give Serato users even more top-notch quality and possibilities. The SR2, which is the successor to the DDJ-SR, is equipped with a number of awesome new features, and the S3 is best described as the love child of the DJM-S9 and the DJM-2/3/450!

Good things come in small packages

The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 may be small, but it has plenty to offer. First and foremost, it comes equipped with Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time which quickly and accurately adjusts the key of your upcoming track. It is also DVS ready, which means you can connect two turntables to it with timecode vinyl. Want to go completely old-school? You can, as the mixer can also be used as a standalone device! If you happen to misplace the power adapter, don't fret - the DDJ-SR2 can also be powered via USB. As you can see, this controller is better than ever.

Serato scratchers

For the DJM-S3, Pioneer took all the most successful characteristics of their mixers and put them all together to create this Serato-programmed mixing console. This battle mixer leaves nothing to be desired and boasts a MagVel crossfader, filters with adjustable parameters, various crossfader settings and an intuitive layout that you're sure to get the hang of in no time. Thanks to a built-in audio interface, you won't need any extra gear to operate DVS.

Be sure to check out the product pages below for more info about these new Pioneers!

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