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New Gretsch Guitars: Electromatic, Streamliner, Rancher & Roots Collection

Electric and acoustic guitar lovers alike are going to love what Gretsch has in store for them this winter! As well as their legendary semi-acoustic guitars, the brand is launching an impressive collection of acoustics!

Passion for hollow-bodies

For guitarists who want a lively amplified sound even at high volume levels, Gretsch have added some G5622 Centerblock models to their affordable Electromatic series, including the Vintage Orange and Georgia Green guitars. The Streamliner collection with its beloved modern upgrades has also been expanded on with a number of electric hollow-bodies: the G2622T Centerblock Junior Golddust and a classic black G2420 hollow-body.

A Fistful of Westerns

For Gretsch fans who want to add a tasteful steel-string guitar to their collection, Gretsch presents some new models like the white Rancher Penguin that are sure to make your heartbeat quicken! Do you prefer the more traditional sound and look of an authentic Gretsch, but still want the perks and comfort of modern-day technology? Gretsch offers a Parlour, an Auditorium or a Grand Concert in their elegant Roots Collection. Take your pick!

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