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New Honey-Sweet Edition of the Gretsch G9202 Resonator

Guitarists who are serious about playing the resonator guitar have always set great store by the Gretsch Honey Dipper Specials. These fantastic resonator instruments - which are available as round-neck models, but also come with square necks for lap steel fanatics - hardly leave any room for improvement, which is why Gretsch issues the occasional limited edition with a special finish. And credit where credit's due: the exclusive Weathered Bell Bronze finish certainly becomes the G9202 Honey Dipper Special Round Neck.

Amplisonic super sound!

At the heart of any resonator guitar is a resonator cone. The Honey Dippers feature the Amplisonic cone Gretsch designed themselves. Made of 99% pure aluminium, it gives the Honey Dipper Resonators their beloved, characteristically feisty resonator sound and their outstanding volume. The rest of the G9202's body is made of a brass alloy called Bell Brass, and the neck is fashioned from mahogany and fitted with a rosewood fretboard that lends a pleasant touch to the instrument's fierce core sound. This special edition Honey Dipper has a stylish Weathered Bell Bronze finish, and boasts extra bindings along the neck and a headstock with beautiful inlays. High-grade Grover Sta-Tite machine heads, meanwhile, ensure optimal tuning stability.
(Please note: this is the same model guitar, but with a different finish.)
Check out the product page for more information, availability and pricing.

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