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New Ibanez Iron Label Guitars!

Ibanez introduces eight new models to its Iron Label series.

Rock solid selection

The FRIX6FEAH Charcoal Stained Flat is a modern interpretation of the classic TE-style guitar. It has a mahogany body and an ebony fretboard for an extremely solid sound that is picked up by active EMG humbuckers. The SIX6FDFM Blue Space Burst and the SIX6DFM Dark Space Burst both have the slim design that models by Ibanez are known for. The blue SIX6FDFM has a fixed bridge for a solid sound, while the grey SIX6DFM has a double locking tremolo for adding vibrato effects. Both models are equipped with DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbuckers that have been specially designed for the Iron Label series, and deliver a solid, well-defined sound, that is full of character thanks to the ceramic magnets. All three models have a kill switch that cuts the signal allowing you to create interesting stutter-type effects.

Classic black

If you're a fan of black guitars, then you're in for a treat! All of the other new additions to the Iron Label series are guitars with a Black Flat finish. All five are fitted with active, ceramic EMG humbuckers for a rock-hard metal sound, full of definition. There are two 6-string models, the RGIR30BE that has a double locking tremolo, and the RGIR30BFE that has a fixed bridge. The RGIR37BE with a tremolo bridge and the RGIR37BFE with a fixed bridge are both 7-string models that are ideal for heavier styles of music. Finally, there's also an 8-string model, the RGIR38BFE with a fixed bridge. All five of these models also feature a kill switch for those killer effects.

All of the new models should be available around November this year. For more information on prices and delivery times, keep an eye on our product pages.

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