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New Jackson Signature, Pro Series, X Series and Minion Guitars and Basses

At the Summer NAMM 2017, Jackson has presented a number of new guitars and basses. Whether you're a beginner, an advanced player or a fan of Iron Maiden or Anthrax, there's sure to be something for you among the new models. The Minion series has been expanded and there's now a better choice of Fanned Fret ERG models too.

Remember Tomorrow

Both of the Jackson Signature guitars are revamped models. There's now a stylish black KVXT by Scott Ian of Anthrax and the new Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) SDXQ has a sublime arched maple top in transparent green. Not only are these guitars suitable for heavier music styles like Thrash Metal and NWOBHM, rockers and punk guitarists will find plenty to love about them too.

Different shapes and colours

Jackson certainly can't be accused of producing instruments that lack visual diversity, as the new models in the X series prove. The Kelly, for instance, has a fixed bridge, gold-coloured hardware and a natural mahogany finish with a chic tint on top. And, if you really want to be sure your audience notices you, why don't you turn up on stage wielding the Rhoads RRX24 with its Neon Pink bevels?

Progressive and ergonomic

If you're a fan of Jackson's Fanned Frets Soloist guitars, but a Dinky is more your style, you're in luck. The DKAF7 and DKAF8 are 7 and 8-string models respectively and each guitar has its own multi-scale scale length. They both have passive Blade humbuckers too, and a silky-smooth feel thanks to the Stained Mahogany finish.

Your new favourite?

If you're a younger player who is just starting out or you're looking for a compact model or a bass, Jackson have got you covered too. What about an RR or a Dinky Minion? There are now more colours available than before, including a Neon Yellow Rhoads and a Neon Orange Dinky. For bass players, Jackson have also introduced a stunning Minion Concert bass available in four different colours including Neon Green that's sure to put a smile on your face.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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