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New Limited Edition Guitars and Bass Guitars by Ibanez

To celebrate the Indian Summer, Ibanez has announced six new highly limited edition instruments: two GSR200SM bass guitars, an electric-acoustic AEG8 and two electric guitars in the GAX and GFR series. No matter which set of strings you decide to pluck, they have something for everyone.

Steel-strings for the masses!

Does the characteristic look of an open-pore oiled finish appeal to you, and are steel-string guitars your weapon of choice? Do you want to play an electric-acoustic auditorium guitar? Then be sure to take a look a the AEG8EMH-OPM. This guitar is made almost entirely of mahogany, giving it a bright, warm sound with plenty of sustain. Would you prefer a travel-size guitar, or are you perhaps slightly vertically impaired? Have no fear, the EWP15LTD-OPN acoustic piccolo guitar might be the perfect choice for you!

Gold-plated hardware, or an affordable FR?

There are also two affordable options for electric guitar players. You can choose between the GAX30GSP Black Night and the GFR20GSP Black Flat.If you want to boil it down, these are basically SG and TE-style models, respectively. Is finish the most important factor? Then you can choose between a glossy or a matte black finish. In any case, both guitars offer a great deal of quality for a very reasonable price. Either of them will help you get started playing great rock riffs and piercing solos.

Spalted Maple for beginner bass players

Ibanez has not forgotten about beginner bass players, either! In the GSR200 series, you can choose from two bass guitars that both sport a spalted maple top and offer excellent value for money! What a way to start playing your first bass lines! The GSR200SM will be available in two models, both featuring the gorgeous spalted maple top: a Charcoal Brown Burst version, and a Natural Gray Burst one.

Both models will be available starting in mid-September. Don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on one of these beauties!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on shipping and pricing.


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