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New M-Audio Piano Pedals

M-Audio already has an extremely popular piano-style sustain pedal, but understands that some pianists want more. That's why they are now offering the M-Audio SP-DUAL and the SP-TRIPLE.

Just like a grand piano

The two new, robust pedal units feature two and three pedals respectively. They can be connected to a keyboard, synthesizer, MIDI controller or digital piano so long as they have two jack pedal inputs for the DUAL, or three jack pedal inputs for the TRIPLE. The pedals will function just like those found on a real grand piano. From left to right you get soft, sostenuto and sustain.

Three functions

The soft pedal (or una corda) does just what you'd expect, it makes the notes sound softer. With sostenuto, only the notes that were played when the pedal was pressed will continue to sound. New notes will not have the sostenuto effect. That's handy when you want to let a chord continue and then play staccato notes over the top. With the right sustain pedal pressed down, all of the notes you play continue to sound without the keys being held down.

These reliable and affordable pedals from M-Audio have an anti-slip base so that they stay in place during use.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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