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New Meinl Cymbals!

The past year has been busy at Meinl! Drummers everywhere are in for a treat, as they will be launching various new additions to existing series, some new signature models, and even an entire range of cymbals at NAMM 2017!


Meinl Pure Alloy

The new Pure Alloy series now consists of seven cymbals, but will likely be expanded on in the near future. Usually, all the cymbals in a series are made from the same material, but that isn't the case with the Pure Alloy cymbals. These seven models happen to all be made from B12 alloy, but Meinl may use other types of metal in the future. They'll use whatever means to get the right sound. The Pure Alloy cymbals have been accuratelyhammered by computer-controlled machines, giving each cymbal in the series a consistent sound.

Meinl Artist Concept

Meinl's Artist Concept range includes four new models that have been developed together with several Meinl endorsers. The Deep Hats by Anika Nilles are sure to catch your eye—18-inch hi-hats are pretty uncommon, after all! Matt Garstka, Luke Holland and Thomas Lang each got their own stack. The Fat Stack by Matt Garstka combines an 18-inch Byzance Extra Dry china and a 16-inch crash from the same series. Luke Holland's Bullet Stack features a 12-inch Classic and a 16-inch Byzance cymbal. Thomas Lang combined an 18-inch crash with an 18-inch china, both of which have custom cut-outs, and also come from the popular Byzance series. Stacking and combining cymbals has become increasingly popular in the past few years and we expect to see more and more of these kinds of combos in the future!

Other additions

As mentioned before, Meinl's Byzance cymbals are highly popular, which meant it was high-time to add some new models to the series, including two Brilliant Heavy Hammered chinas in 18 and 20 inches, crashes in 20 and 22 inches, a 22-inch ride, and a 24-inch metal ride. The Classics Custom series has received a 12-inch and a 16-inch stack as well as two rides in 21 and 22 inches, and a set of 15-inch hi-hats. If you're a drummer and you want to try out this new stack trend, but you're on a budget, then the HCS series offers a 12-inch and an 18-inch Trash Stack!

Meinl Cymbal Tuners

Meinl have also developed a number of new accessories to accompany their new models, including Cymbal Tuners. The video shows why Cymbal Tuners are a welcome addition to the Meinl assortment. They enable you to influence the sustain of your cymbals or other percussion, like a cowbell. As well as the Cymbal Tuners, Meinl will also be presenting a new stick bag and a practice pad for bass drum.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing. Also, be sure to check out our NAMM overview for info on all the latest new products.

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