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New Merchandise for Fender Fans!

Fender is adding a number of new goodies to its already impressive range of merchandise including T-shirts and key rings. Show your love for all things Fender.

New Fender Merchandise 2016

Don't know what to wear to your next gig? What about a new Fender T-shirt? They're available in five different sizes and three different colours (black, dark grey and wine red). Or perhaps you'd prefer the black long-sleeved hooded top for ladies that comes in four different sizes? If you just can't part with your favourite items of clothing, simply iron or stitch on one of their three new patches. The first is a rectangular patch with the Fender name, the second a plectrum-shaped patch with the Fender 'F' and the third is a Fender amp-shaped patch, complete with logo. Other new additions include four key rings, two badges, and a lunchbox-sized kit complete with accessories for guitarists. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the Fender fan in your life, take a closer look at all of the merchandise Fender has to offer.

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