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New Notepad Mixers by Soundcraft

Soundcraft's new Notepad mixers allow you to tackle today's audio challenges with ease. There are three new compact models in the series: the Notepad-5, the Notepad-8FX and the Notepad-12FX. Whether you're a singer-songwriter, an audio professional or a podcaster, one of these models is bound to be right for you.

Top-quality compact desktop mixers

The new Notepad mixers are made using top-quality components and are equipped with professional microphone preamplifiers, XLR/jack combo inputs, and balanced jack inputs (with Hi-Z) so that you can connect instruments like keyboards and guitars as well as other equipment. Each of the mixers also has a USB connector, allowing you to easily link to a PC for recording, editing or playback purposes via your favourite audio software. The FX models also have built-in studio-quality effects by Lexicon, letting you add a truly professional finish to your sound.

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