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New Numark Mixtrack Platinum DJ Controller

Numark already introduced its flagship DJ Controller, the NVII, a while ago. Now it's introducing a new budget-friendly model, the Mixtrack Platinum DJ Controller. While, its price may be budget-friendly, it's still got plenty of exciting features including a built-in screen in each jog wheel that shows you information like BPM, time and pitch.

Info at your fingertips

The displays in the 5-inch jog wheels of the Mixtrack Platinum are a welcome addition by Numark. Each of the 1.75-inch LCD displays shows how far along the track is, what key it's in, where your cues are and the BPM, of course. This way, you can focus your attention on your performance without having to refer to your laptop all the time. Incidentally, Serato DJ Intro software comes with the controller. You'll also get the Prime Loops remix toolkit enabling you to add even more pizazz to your performances. If that's not enough, what about access to the Toolroom Records catalogue where you can download records in the Stems format!

Under control

In terms of appearance, the controller is very similar to previous Mixtrack incarnations. Familiar controls include the two-channel mixer with a 3-band EQ and knobs for gain and filter. In total, it's possible to control up to four decks at the same time. Each of the physical decks have eight performance pads that you can use to activate cues, loops and samples. Above the pads are the touch-capacitive platters that adjust automatically to the way you use them, putting you firmly in control of the Mixtrack Platinum DJ Controller.

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