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New Odyssey Flight Cases For Denon DJ MC7000

Good news for Denon DJ MC7000 users! Odyssey has created a range of flight cases and bags specifically for this DJ controller to make transporting it a worry-free experience!

Odyssey flight cases for Denon DJ MC7000

When it comes to flight cases, you've got four models in total to choose from—two different models with either black or chromed hardware. There's the basic FZMC7000, which is essentially a good, sturdy case without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The FZMC7000BL is exactly the same, only its extrusions, ball corners, and latches are all in black. If you're interested in a more comprehensive flight case with space for your cables and a laptop, then the FZGSMC7000W2 or the FZGSMC7000W2BL are ideal. These cases have front-panel access and feature an extendible platform for your laptop,. They also offer plenty of space for cables and there's extra room underneath where the controller is placed for another 2U of 19-inch rack units.

Odyssey gig bag for Denon DJ MC7000

The BMSLDNMC7000 gig bag is equipped with a reinforced EVA outer shell that protects your gear optimally. The corners are also strengthened and the interior is lined with a double layer of foam rubber made to fit the controller perfectly. The bag closes by means of a rugged zipper and can be carried over the shoulder or using the handle. Finally, it's so lightweight, transporting your MC7000 controller has never been easier!

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